Friday, January 08, 2010

ACTION ALERT! Government of Canada's pre-budget financial consultation

Stephen Harper wants to know what we think?

You tell him!

Please pass this on!

* To what extent has Canada's Economic Action Plan been effective in stimulating activity in their industry, sector or community?

* What suggestions do they have for improving the effectiveness of the Government's stimulus measures or the speed of their delivery?

* What steps should the Government take to improve the competitiveness of the Canadian economy and ensure that Canada continues to attract investment and create jobs once the recovery is achieved and the Economic Action Plan is wound down?

* Over what time period should the Government bring the budget back into balance?

UPDATE: I just finished the survey and some of the "classification" questions are a bit intrusive. For instance, it asks how much education you've completed. I get the distinct feeling they will ignore the opinions of those with high school or less.

Hey government IT'S THEIR MONEY. Educated or not.