Friday, January 22, 2010

McChurch is McCrappy

Fr. Ward on the evils of pop culture's influence on Catholicism:

What qualities does McDonald’s have in common with McChurch? It’s easy, it’s comfortable, it’s cheap. At McDonald’s the customer is always right. But real Christianity, which subsists in the Catholic Church alone, is not like that. It is not easy, it is hard, very hard. It is not comfortable, it is uncomfortable, in fact it is downright crucifying! Is the customer always right? No, the sinner is always wrong, phenomenally guilty, returning sin for redemption, ungrateful beyond all telling… but with hope through the grace of Christ.

Note to social justice crowd: this is why you must dump the pro-abort partners in the Third World. Are you listening Development and Peace? It's too easy to be pro-social justice when you overlook the plight of unborn children.

McChurch is religion you can buy and sell; religion packaged for the market, thriving on popularity. But none of this shares anything in common with Jesus Christ the Lord, for he was slandered, abused, humiliated, violated and crucified… at the hands of the priests and Pharisees who should have been the quickest in perceiving in Him the Messiah.

Point taken.

But it would help if Catholicism would have more influence on pop culture.

There will always be a pop culture: a low-brow culture for the masses whose purpose is amusement and diversion. We all need to be able to kick back and laugh now and then. I'm sure Aquinas had a fancy name for it. It'd better if Catholics had some hand in forming this popular culture.

H/T Patrick Madrid