Thursday, January 07, 2010

Partial absence from my blog

For the next several days, I don't anticipate writing too much commentary for my blog. I have a lot to do IRL and something's gotta give, so this is it!

I will try to post links to stories that catch my eye, probably without commentary.

I've been too tired and too distracted to write anything at length. I need to tend to a bunch of things, and winter is really hard on me. I have to dress my toddler three times a day to accompany one or both of my school-aged children to or from the bus stop and it's not close by. When I started this blog, my oldest daughter went to a special class at a school several miles from my house and a van came and picked her up. My other girl slept for three or four hours an afternoon (thank you God!!!). So I had a sufficient amount of time to write at length. Now it's much tougher because I have another little one and the bus situation. I also try to blog regularly at my French blog. Sometimes I feel like I'm more inspired in French than in English.

Of course you're encouraged to comment on stories. I'm not sure whether I will publish one story per post or several. I'll see how it goes.

All this to say you may not be seeing a lot of me here. But please keep commenting. I do check them frequently.