Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pro-Life French Socialists Start Their Own Blog

Gotta love those French Pro-Life Socialists.

French Pro-Life Socialists recently "came out" at the Paris March for Life that was held on Sunday.

They made an impression on people, at least in the French pro-life blogosophere.

The thing about French conservatism is that it's enmeshed in this whole anti-immigration, anti-Muslim, nationalist and pro-Tridentine kind of atmosphere that turns a lot of people off. (Some are even ardent monarchists. Blah)

A lot of French pro-lifers are conservative, and they're patriotic, but their cultural sensibilities lie outside the "réacosphere".

The socialists were a breath of fresh air to the pro-life scene.

You gotta check out some of their pictures...

The sign in the centre says: Right to housing, right to work, right to life. (Another sign says capitalism is death, revolution is life-- sure bud, tell that to your friend Stalin, but whatever)

The sign on the extreme left says "procreate without obstacles". (Wow, must be Catholic).

On the left: Our lives are worth more than their profits.

Middle: We are nothing, let's be all (loses something in the translation)

On the right: My personal favourite: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Fecundity

(Parle-moi de ça!)

The socialists get points for creativity. We need to be creative, too. It adds a little spice to these events.