Friday, January 08, 2010

The Reasoning Behind the Objections to IVF

Lifesite News:

Ethically, the bottom line is that the effort to force the creation of a child by these techniques ignores the genuine rights of the child in favour of the supposed rights of the parents. It essentially places the child into the position of chattel, of a thing, an object that can be demanded as a right in order to fulfil the personal desires of adults. It is the ultimate commodification of the human person, to say that if we hold the "right to be a parent" as paramount, that a child must be procured, by hook or by crook, to satisfy that desire.

The fact that we can now go to the IVF store and buy a baby, in most countries whether we are married or not, is the final expression of the dehumanizing effects of the abortion mentality. IVF has made the child into the ultimate high-end luxury product.

All this, of course, is just for starters. The subject is broad and interesting, but if you are just a regular person like me, without degrees in philosophy or human embryology and without a great deal of time for study, it does not have to be difficult to understand and to articulate the pro-life objections to artificial procreation techniques.