Tuesday, January 05, 2010

South Korean Abortionists Repent

“We sold our soul for money,” said Dr. Choi. “Abortion was an easy way to make money.”
“Abortion is murder,” said Dr. Park Sung-chul, an obstetrician and Gynob member.

I'm happy with the abortionists repenting of their deeds.

What concerns me though is that the government's campaign against abortion is a pro-natalist campaign, not a fetal rights campaign.

Such campaigns tend to give pro-lifers a false sense of security, that the government will restrict or ban abortion for good.

That's not the case. Such campaigns give way to the liberalization of abortion when circumstances dictate. We've seen this in the USSR, Romania and Japan.

This is why I like talking about fetal rights, not just abortion. The debate over "abortion" often neglects fetal rights, whereas a debate over fetal rights goes right to the heart of the subject.