Monday, January 04, 2010

Story of My Life

Gingi Edmonds:

I am blessed to have a very personal "fan" base (if you can even call it that). And while it's flattering having fans, I don't really WANT fans. I just want to be heard. And just as I don't want fans, I also most certainly don't want enemies. Google search "Gingi Edmonds" and you'll be appalled at what you see. Apparently blogging about opposing butchering babies isn't very popular on the WWW. Unlike blogging about cooking.

The unfortunate part about having a creative, free-spirited, passionate heart trapped in a conservative, common-sense, life-loving brain is that the topics that consume me are not happy, fuzzy, feel good things. Everyone loves reading about the joys of poaching an egg. No one gets self-satisfied and fulfilled over detailed battle-plans combating dismembering babies.


God give me the courage, the strength, and the ability to take my art-craving, culture-driven, romance-loving heart and apply it appropriately and appealingly to the masses for the unborn. Seriously people, this is much tougher than it looks.