Wednesday, February 10, 2010

As I said, it's not about maternal mortality

Joyce Arthur is just so upset about the fact that people say maternal mortality is not about abortion.

When one in eight pregnancy-related deaths is due to unsafe abortion, and seven women die every hour from an unsafe abortion, and most of their existing children die from lack of a mother, then abortion obviously has a hell of a lot to do with saving the lives of mothers and children in the developing world. Anyone who believes otherwise is either inexcusably ignorant about these deaths, or indifferent to them.

Well, why do women have abortions?

Because they are malnourished, sick, have no rights, and so forth.

But if they were well nourished, healthy and had rights, then they wouldn't feel the need for abortion.

And in the end, the reality is this:

If you don't want to die of abortion.

Then don't have one!

Watch her twist that sense of responsibility into some kind of accusation of misogyny. Women are just as intelligent and responsible as men. Except when they're not.

Oh wait, sorry, I see that Flanagan thinks we’re going to “start killing unborn babies” – which means he has no idea that abortion is already rampant in developing countries,

They're rampant in developing countries, but mostly illegal. But to Joyce Arthut, national sovereignty is just a petty thing after all. Canadians have a self-given right to push abortion on countries that don't want it.

Here's a rhetorical gem:

What’s astonishing is the Archbishop’s zero concern for women who die from unsafe abortion, the probable sorry fate that then awaits their existing children

Because everyone who opposes abortion cannot possibly care about women. It's so nice when you insist on seeing the world in (dare I say it?) black and white like that. That's worthy of a, uh, fundamentalist.

When confronted with the reality of the scourge of unsafe, illegal abortion, anti-choice people have an unfortunate habit of either placing their heads firmly in the sand, or foolishly disputing the numbers.

Women have abortions for a variety of reasons.

The point is that it is entirely within their power not to die of an illegal abortion.

Don't have one.

If poverty is the issue, address the poverty.

If health is the issue, address health.

If relationships are the issue, address relationships.

But it's not about poverty, health or relationships for feminists.

It's about abortion, period.

They give all kinds of reasons for it, to argue in favour.

Those reasons do not matter in the end.

The bottom line for feminists is that a woman should be able to have an abortion under any circumstance for any reason at all. Or none. On demand. Up to birth. No questions asked.

This whole maternal mortality thing is a false debate. It's a proxy war. Pro-lifers and allied pro-choicers are trying to improve maternal mortality by means that are universallly non-objectionable.

Joyce Arthur and her ilk are using this as a political staging ground to push their fetus-killing ways.

Killing babies to save mothers. That makes sense to them.