Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Breaking: Canadian Priest Shows Guts on the Abortion Issue

Can a Christian vote for the Liberal Party of Canada? Go ahead... it will probably only cost you your soul!


It is now as clear as can be: Liberal Party of Canada desires to kill pre-born children (and the aged as evidenced by their stand on euthanasia). To vote in support of such a party is almost tantamount to material cooperation with evil and is something that a Christian should do with great hesitation and the gravest of concerns, lest they endanger their own soul with their vote. We all will have to stand before Jesus as our Lord & judge at the end of our life. Those who support pro-death parties like the Liberal Party of Canada should expect the millions of souls killed at the hands of abortionists and doctors practicing euthanasia to give evidence of their unworthiness to be granted entry into eternal paradise.

Thank you Fr. Moyle!