Friday, February 26, 2010

The Catholic Reality

Stefan Jetchick:
Most Quebec Priests live in a pretty sheltered world. They sleep in a nice room in the Rectory, have their meals made for them, go to many meetings (and the other attendees are usually on the diocesan payroll, so nobody "rocks the boat"), etc.

We laypeople live in another world. We live in the trenches, on the front line. We often work with a boss and collegues who are Atheists or anti-Catholic. We are forced to pay large taxes on our small incomes, only to see our money be used by the Government to fund the killing of unborn children, homosexualist propaganda, compulsory State schools that try to rip Faith out of our children's hearts, etc. As if that wasn't enough, we are often "shot in the back" by "Catholic" Priests and Bishops who openly contradict the official teachings of the Church.

And I would add: these priests are often the useful idiots of this statist system that bites us back in the butt!

(I don't agree a DVD on the Latin Mass would be the answer, though. Sorry!)