Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Pro-Abortion Scandal in the Canadian Catholic Church Continues

As you know, for many months now, LifesiteNews and my friend John Pacheco have been assiduously following the Development and Peace story. Development and Peace, an organization created by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, gives money to pro-abort organizations (for non-abortion-related projects) thereby giving sustenance to pro-abort groups so that they can live for another day and promote abortion on the side.

But something has come to light that makes me realize why this is allowed to happen.

I was clicking around on the internet when I came upon the website of the Diocese of Trois-Rivieres.

It had several items listed under its pastoral category, including "women". So I clicked on that.

I did not anticipate this kind of overt association with pro-abort feminism.

The opening paragraph explains the purpose of this particular "ministry".

Through a feminist analysis, it encourages individual and collective action and contributes to other initiatives so to improve women's place within the Church and in society, and to create equal relationships between men and women.

Feminism. Puah!

Now, you might be saying to yourself: feminism doesn't have to be about abortion. (Never mind that the whole feminist infrastructure in Canada is pro-abort to the core, but whatever!)


At the bottom of the website, it lists the Table [de] concertation du mouvement des femmes de la Mauricie (TCMFM). They explain that this ministry belongs to this hard-core pro-abort feminist coalition.

Imagine, a self-proclaimed Catholic ministry admitting openly that they associate with people who are seeking to violate a fundamental Catholic teaching-- that of the right to life.

How pro-abort are we talking about here?

On its documentation page, the TCMFM lists a newsletter issued by the FQPN-- Quebec's version of Planned Parenthood.

The newsletter denounces the 2009 March for Life and 40 Days for Life.

And oh, by the way, the head of the TCMFM, Maryse Lefebvre, works at the local abortion clinic ("Centre de santé des femmes de la Mauricie "). She's listed as an "intervenante en sante", which so far as I can tell, is a kind of nurse or "health care worker".

Get that. A Catholic Ministry that belongs to a group headed by someone who works at an abortuary.

And note-- it appears that abortions are all they do at this centre, according to the FQPN. They don't give out contraception. The Yellow Pages Ad doesn't list any other service. Quite fascinating. It even looks like the typical US abortion clinic. Non-descript building with no signage.

I did a little bit of investigative work. I figured out that Helene Dargis is involved with the "Women's ministry" in Trois-Rivieres, and I linked her signature to an online petition opposing Bill C-484.

Clearly a pro-abort.

And what is the punchline in this whole deal?

The head of the Diocese, whose Women's ministry works with a hard-core pro-abort group, Msgr Martin Veillette, is President of the Quebec Assembly of Catholic Bishops.

(And the Quebec Assembly of Bishops has its own network of women involved in "la condition feminine. How entrenched is pro-abortionism in the Quebec Church?)

Now if he's letting a pro-abort work under him, do you suppose he is going to be thorough in making sure that no money serves the interests of any pro-abort group?

I have reason to believe this is not the case.

How are we supposed to have an authentically pro-life agenda in this Church when the foxes are in the hen house?

Is it any wonder that Development and Peace, a group rooted in Quebec, has trouble understanding what the fuss is all about?

I will also note that many of the dioceses in Quebec have these feminist ministries, but they are strangely silent about the right to life. Hmmmm...

UPDATE: February 22

I did a little more digging. The website of the Assembly of Quebec Bishops lists Femmes et ministères (FM) as a group they consult on issues related to ministry.

FM overtly supports women's ordination.

Not terribly orthodox, is it?

If the Quebec bishops are so overtly aligned with feminists, is it any wonder they're not terribly gung ho to take fetal rights seriously?