Monday, February 15, 2010

Pro-Life Tebow Ad Made Its Mark

Barna conducted a national telephone poll with 1,001 adults from February 7 through February 10, including interviews on the evening the Super Bowl ad aired.

Among those who viewed the football contest, 43% said they had seen the Tebow commercial and 9 percent were able to recall the spot without prompting.


In total, 68 percent of ad viewers understood the ad's message or came up with a related theme that fit in with the point of the Tebow commercial.

Also, half of those polled who watched the ad correctly said it was intended to influence their views on abortion.

The ad appeared to have a significant impact with 4 percent of those viewing saying it caused them to reconsider their opinions on abortion.

4 per cent doesn't sound like much, but that's several million people. We don't know if it did change people's minds, but just the fact it made people think about abortion is significant.

The Barna poll also found Americans strongly supportive of the pro-life ad with 78 percent saying they felt the commercial presented a positive message to viewers and 75 percent saying the commercial was appropriate to show during the Super Bowl.

Just 8 percent of those polled claimed that the commercial was offensive. That shows Americans did not buy into the mantra from pro-abortion groups that CBS should not have run the pro-life ad.

We're winning folks. I don't know when fetal rights will be established, but it's invevitable.