Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Some Common Sense from MP Keith Martin on Child/Maternal Health

Kevin Libin:

Keith Martin, a Liberal MP, physician, and opposition critic for health promotion, points out that in some countries, abortion isn’t tolerated, legally or culturally. About 80,000 women die every year worldwide from unsafe abortions, he said, while hundreds of thousands die every year during childbirth, and 10 times that many sustain permanent injuries and disabilities after unsafe deliveries. There are many simple and cheap ways, Dr. Martin said, to help mothers worldwide, from iron supplements to providing power that allows refrigerated medicines. “It would be a shame if the debate about abortion hijacks the larger issue of what we can do very simply to enable pregnant women to be able to deliver [babies] safely.”

I'm really enthusiastic about saving these women and babies. Here's something Liberals and Conservatives can move forward with. Are the Liberals going to bog down this initiative in abortion politics when there is probably a consensus on these non-abortion-related measures?

If Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party want an abortion war, pro-life activists such as myself are rarin' to give him one. If he wants to risk being identified with baby-killing amongst the religious voters that he has tried so hard to attract, I am most willing to oblige.

You are the aggressor in this fight, Iggy. You can't win.