Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Woman Who Threatened Pro-Lifers With Knife at Abortion Center Keeps Baby

Duluth, MN ( -- A woman who faces assault charges after she pulled a knife on two pro-life advocates who encouraged her not to have an abortion has decided against having the planned abortion. Mechelle Tallulah Hall has pleaded guilty to second-degree assault but she has also decided to keep her baby.


The newspaper reached Hall at home afterwards and she said she has decided to have the baby and that she is happy the Winandys were present to persuade her otherwise.

"Thank you for being there," she said. "If they weren't there, I probably would have gone through with it and regretted it for the rest of my life. It probably
would have gone the other way. I'm sincerely sorry for doing that to her."

You know, the feminists think that that baby should have died if the mother had wanted it to.

The snuffing out of that fetus is of no consequence. That precious meant nothing simply because that baby was not aware of what was going on.

It's just human life after all. No more valuable than a wart, right?

And if that life had to have been sacrificed for the mom, so what?

Hannah Arendt wrote about the banalization of evil. But there's also banalization of the good in this world, of making what is good and beautiful seem ho-hum.

You can't reach hearts intent on being hard and uncaring about the unborn. They can't care. Once you start to care about the unborn, you can only start to be concerned about what is done to the unborn. The things we do to the unborn, we don't even do to animals. But that is of no consequence to feminists. As long as women as empowered, the rest is details.