Friday, March 26, 2010

Antonia Zerbisias: Full of Crap

Her column is entitled:

Conservative pro-life stand will kill women by the thousands


As if the fact that the Conservatives won't fund abortion is what kills women?

Not lack of obstetric care.

Not the woman's own hand, who goes out and, probably contrary to her own intelligence, takes an abortion pill blindly?

Yeah, that's all the Conservatives' fault.

Here's a question:

Are women in the Third World imploring us to provide abortions?

No. It's white, middle-class women like Antonia Zerbisias who wants to impose her anti-fetal rights views on the Third World.

What will save women from abortion is

1) Don't have them and
2) Good obstetric care.

And so, no matter how much research Liberal, NDP and Bloc Québécois MPs presented, Conservatives countered with their talking points about "health care, clean water and basic nutrition."

Just completely ignore the fetal rights debate, Antonia. Insult the target population you wish to help by calling these brown people "fetus fetishists" for wanting to protect unborn life and not wanting abortion. Go ahead. Be intellectually consistent.

Worse, even though the motion never mentioned abortion, there were repeated Conservative cries about "reopening the abortion debate."

How disingenuous. Had it passed, the Liberals would have used it to push abortion. Typical feminist subterfuge-- talk about "reproductive services" but be really vague about what that means.

So, in the end, women lost – and Conservative ideology won.

No Antonia you lost. Do not conflate "women" with the people who share your ideology. Millions of Canadian women oppose this motion.

How many women will die as a result of their political end run around sound medical practice?

The answer: ZERO. It was a motion. Nothing the MP's did or did not do will have ANY effect.

And they talk of being "pro-life."

Can you be a little more disingenuous? As if supporting clean water, better nutrition and good medical care isn't pro-life. As if opposing fetuses being killed isn't pro-life.

Take your ideological blinders off.