Thursday, March 18, 2010

Development and Peace Reveals Its True Colours

I'm very angry at this report by LifesiteNews about Development and Peace.

There's so much I want to write, but I can't because I'd be up all night. Maybe I'll write several posts on it. Don't be surprised if I do.

There are two things that really pissed me off.

First is the implication by D & P that Campaign Life Coalition is part of a movement that is violent, or that it supports violence.

I know the people at the Ottawa Campaign Life office. The notion that they are violent is ridiculous in the extreme. I know Jim Hughes, the president, from Toronto. He's also a very peaceful man. I am outraged that these good people have been unfairly smeared.

The second thing that made me mad is that Development and Peace admits to partnering with groups that favour the de-criminalization of abortion, and then acts like we made everything up. Like the decriminalization of abortion is an acceptable Gospel value. D&P says it picks groups that shares its values, but apparently, taking away legal protection from the most vulnerable members of society is an acceptable value for them.

Of course it is. Development and Peace operates out of Montreal, and the Archbishop of Montreal, Cardinal Turcotte, said plainly on Quebec Television that he opposes the criminalization of abortion.

No shock there. If the head of the Church in Montreal thinks that not providing legal protection for the unborn is a consonant with Gospel values, why should Development and Peace think any differently?

The bottom line, D&P, if you're reading this is this: YOU OPPOSE FETAL RIGHTS. And the groups you partner with opppose fetal rights.

Fetal rights is not an oppositional stance for a Catholic. If you are to partner with people who share your values, you should partner with people who support fetal rights, or at the very least, do not oppose them.

This is not a smear. This is the truth.

If Development and Peace truly supports the poorest of the poor, then they should support the legal protection of unborn children. Who is poorer than a child whose mom will not respect his right to life?