Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dutch Pedophile Political Party Dissolved

For lack of support

Among other things, the organization's platform aimed to fix the age of consent at 12, legalize child pornography, eliminate marriage in the law, permit public nudity anywhere in the country, and legalize bestiality.

Its leaders "have decided to dissolve the party after failing for the second time" to collect the signatures necessary to take part in the forthcoming elections, explained the Sicilian priest.

"To be able to elect a deputy, the movement, created in 2006, should have obtained some 60,000 votes," he stated.

The party's founders stated that the debate and controversy sparked by the platform impeded any serious discussion on its objectives; hence, its members opted for dissolution.

In a press release, however, they stated that certain members will be invited to speak as "freedom fighters" in an Amsterdam festival in May.

The party's communiqué added that although the organization is dissolved, the issues have not disappeared, and "a cultural shift is a matter of time."

Father Di Noto affirmed that there are still thousands of Web sites supporting pedophilia.

"There are still thousands of sites that promote the acceptance and normalization of sexual abuses; a real strategy to make normal what instead is a horror," he said.

Freedom must be based on sound values. That's why it's necessary to believe in moral absolutes and the natural law.

I think that with the spread of pedophilia, it may come to pass that it will be normalized, because people are unwilling to draw the line and be perceived as rigid and old-fashioned.