Sunday, March 07, 2010

Pro-Life Flash Mob in Vladivostok, Russia

Here's a different pro-life protest.

An anti-abortion flash mob in the Russian Far Eastern city of Vladivostok, entitled Silent Scream, gathered some 30 participants on Sunday who symbolically released black and red toy balloons with unborn children's names into the sky, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported.


But the flash mob participants released toy balloons to the sound of a bell ringing each six seconds, which they said was due to unofficial statistics, in line with which an unborn child dies in Russia during an abortion each six seconds, which is four-five times the official figures.

The flash mob ended when all available toy balloons were released into the sky.

"Today we are holding a youth action entitled Silent Scream against abortions and we consider an abortion to be a murder. We... want to address women and say: 'Don't darken your soul with the murder of your own child'. An abortion is inadmissible, especially in this country that is experiencing a demographic crisis," an organizer said.

Silent Scream is the name of a documentary dating back to 1983 showing the abortion of a 12-week fetus. Abortion opponents use the film as proof illustrating their viewpoint.

I'm sorry the article did not get the names of the people who organized this event. As far as pro-life protests go, this one is rather unique, and the people behind it should be given recognition. (Perhaps that's why they weren't named!)

Russians are really upfront about abortion. Even the abortionists will admit it's murder, and some will try to convince the woman not to have the abortion if they don't think her reasons are good enough.