Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Remember how the abortion activists tried to downplay Harlan Drake's motives?

But they always jump to conclusions when abortion staff are hurt or killed?


The day before Drake went on his killing rampage, his mother reportedly expressed annoyance with Pouillon’s pro-life activities. Pouillon was a fixture in the town of Owosso. He frequently protested by holding a sign with the pictures of a living baby on one side and an aborted baby on the other. On September 11, 2009, the day he was killed, he was holding this sign outside the Owosso High School.

In response to his mother’s statements on Sept. 10 disapproving of Pouillon’s sign-holding, Drake testified: “Kind of under my breath I said 'I'll take care of that tomorrow.'"


"The only thought I had was that they didn't have to see that sign again. I was hoping that he wouldn't be there that morning."

Drake clearly described to the court how he killed the pro-life activist: "I grabbed the 45, put it out the window and shot him 3 times."

The worst part about all this?

Harlan Drake's motive in shooting Poullion was to silence him. He thought he was defending adolescent girls from fear and horror. By shooting a bullet in the chest.

It's like trying to save the mother's "life" (i.e. quality of life) by killing a baby. It only seems rational if you focus only on the results, not on the means.