Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why oh why does abortion get such a bad rap?

Some promoters of legal abortions throw up their hands and wonder why oh why does abortion get such a bad rap.

They turn their heads from the actual act of abortion and are metaphysically certain it has to do with women having guiltless sex. It COULDN'T POSSIBLY have to do with the nature of abortion itself.

Case in point.

A former associate of George Tiller, Shelley Sella who is now operating out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was accused by one of her own staff of stabbing a 35-week live-born baby and killing him.

Now, if the baby had still been attached to the umbilical cord, that would have been legal in Canada (because he would not have taken his first breath.)

Do feminists care? Noooo.

Now, that baby was supposed to have died from an injection of digoxin to the heart.

At 35 weeks.

That's not only done in the States, it's done in Canada.

Do feminists care that babies die that way? Nooooo.

Now, what does the killing of a 35-week baby have to do with the typical abortion?

First off: it's allowed to happen. An abortion at 35 weeks or an abortion at 6 weeks are both types of killing.

Secondly: secondly, people can say "it's a potential human being" all they want, it's not objectively true, and you can't have a sane conversation without treating the unborn as human beings.

Just as an example, the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation is broadcasting commercials about their work, featuring an ultrasound of an unborn child. The tag line is "we're saving lives before they're born." How can you save a life that doesn't exist? How can you operate on a fetus' heart-- the heart being an organ present in all higher lifeforms-- and not consider the fetus a human being.

That's just one example among the many one could pull from the top of one's head that shows that we in fact consider the fetus a human being. We know that each and everyone one of us was a fetus at one point in our development. People don't become, on their own, things that are ontologically different than themselves. So iguanas don't grow up to be chimpanzees, and chicks don't grow up to be beetles. So if you're a human being at adulthood, and you were a fetus in the womb, that means that as a fetus, you were also a human being.

That's logic 101. But people look at the fetus as something essentially different than themselves.

So there's no such thing as a "potential human being".

The aspect of killing human beings just completely escapes their purview. Supporters of legal abortion treat it like it's all about the woman and her aspirations, her moral values and her body.

It's not. Poor-choicers are completely blind to what abortion is, even on a symbolic level.

So when abortionists kill full-born babies at 35 weeks, it's supposed to be shocking. How can this be? How can anyone do that?

How indeed? If you can kill a 35-week-old human being in the womb, what's a step further and kill him outside the womb? It's THE SAME THING AND FOR THE SAME PURPOSE.

And you know, even if some feminists might privately harbour misgivings about abortion's nature, there will be no widespread acknowledgement of it. Sure, you'll get the odd voice, too honest, blunt and thoughtful to suffocate the truth. But mainstream feminists will run from that issue like cockroaches from the light. They instinctively know: once you start talking about the fetus, and what happens to the fetus during abortion, it's game over.

That's why they always bring it back to the woman. They think that there is some way to destigmatize abortion, if we just demystify it enough, talk about it enough, talk about how it liberates women, then EVENTUALLY people will come to see it as necessary to equality-- as if people completely overlook the means to achieve this so-called "equality". To feminists, it doesn't matter that babies like that 35-week-old have to die in the name of equality. Dead fetuses are collateral damage in the war against patriarchy.

And they remain mystified as to why abortion gets a bad rap. Even in a society that overwhelmingly supports its legality.