Friday, April 30, 2010

Feminists complain not enough men support abortion

Gee, you crap all over men and then you complain they're not supportive of your cause.


For the last forty years feminists have been saying "you're not allowed to have an opinion on abortion, you can't get pregnant!"

So guess what happened?

Whereas the pro-life movement will listen to what men have to say. Especially men who've had negative experiences with abortion and are angry that they were told to suck it up.

I suspect that ultimately, this male recruitment drive will fail. Feminists don't "get" men. They don't want to "get" men. They just want to change men. Sure, there are a few left-leaning men who are willing to go along with feminism to appease their consciences.

Aside from them, guys like being guys, period. And that's why they do not like feminists. They do not want to be their tools.

So good luck with the recruitment campaign. I suspect though that even if they do manage to find some volunteers for these positions, people will know they're just the Homme Rose de Service. Tokenism can be discerned a mile away.