Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's time to arrest Dawkins and Hitchens for crimes against humanity

Patricia Maloney:

In typically Dawkinsesque fashion, Dawkins began his most recent attack on Catholics with some pretty slanderous statements against Pope Benedict that were presumably warm up exercises for his and Hitchens' current campaign to attack religion.

I have a better idea.

Let's arrest Dawkins and Hitchens. For international crimes against humanity. For the religious persecution of over 1 billion Catholics in the world.

Patricia quotes actual legislation:

The definition of crimes against humanity contained in the N├╝rnberg Charter included the requirement that the prohibited acts be committed in connection with crimes against peace or war crimes. A decision has yet to be made as to whether the definition of crimes against humanity contained in the Statute will also include such acts when committed in peacetime. In this regard, the Yugoslavia Tribunal stated, 'it is by now a settled rule of customary international law that crimes against humanity do not require a connection to international armed conflict...Persecution against a group on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural or religious (and possibly gender) grounds".

And she means this tongue in cheek.

But it just goes to show that Dawkins' suggestion is hysterical and obviously bigoted.