Thursday, April 15, 2010

Joyce Arthur Makes No Sense. Surprise.

She writes:

The pro-choice view is woman-focused, and we take no view on the fetus (or should not). The status and moral value of the fetus is moot because it's a matter of subjective personal opinion, and the only opinion that counts is the pregnant woman's.

But the issue of who should be a rights-bearing person is not moot. And it should not merely be a personal opinion. It should be something that society can agree with.

Pro-lifers are arguing that fetuses are rights-bearer.

Of course, she doesn't want to come out and say that even if fetuses are rights-bearers, it should still be legal to kill them. She doesn't want to lay her cards on the table.

Note how she says that "choice" is "woman-focused". Ever notice that about feminism: only the woman matters. If men must suffer injustice in order to live up to their ideology, tough luck!