Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Kiesle Case: No, the Pope was not trying to cover up

Cover up! Cover up! The Pope was complicit in a cover up!

Those words are on the lips of every anti-Catholic bigot after the release of a letter from Cardinal Ratzinger addressing the Kiesle case.

Fr. Fessio has the inside track.

Secondly, nothing at all prevents a bishop from: removing a priest from all ministry; removing his faculties; reporting him to civil authorities. There is no need even to inform Rome about this. The only way (until 2001 or in cases of abuse of Confession) that it need get to Rome is if the priest appeals the bishop's actions.

Thirdly, why was the CDF involved anyway? That was not the congregation that handles abuse cases, except where abuse of Confession has played a role. I believe the CDF was involved in cases of dispensation from celibacy. (Though you would think that should be under the Congregation for Priests.) But, again, dispensation has nothing to do with preventing further abuse.

It's the local bishop's job to handle abuse cases. The Pope can issue guidelines, but he's not the local enforcer.

The notion that the Pope is in on a conspiracy to cover up the sins of priests is a joke. It is based on nothing except ignorance, lies and bigotry.