Thursday, April 08, 2010

Pastor calls Christian atheists to shed hypocrisy

The way Christian atheism plays out, he preached at that time, is: "I believe in God but I want to do whatever the heck I want to do. I want enough of God to keep me out of hell and enough of God to get me into heaven but I don't want so much of God that it makes me change my lifestyle because at its root I believe in God but I do not fear Him."


To the Christian atheist, the pursuit of happiness gives license to sin. And happiness to them is based on the things in this world rather than God's kingdom.

Moreover, "to the Christian atheist, the holy God of the universe is quietly transformed into a cosmic soda machine. If we give enough money, or pray the right prayer, or live the right way, God must deliver and do what we ask."


Other symptoms include believing in God but not being certain that He loves you, not really knowing Him, not believing in prayer, not thinking He's fair, not thinking you can change, trusting more in money, worrying all the time, shunning the church, and not sharing your faith.