Saturday, April 17, 2010

Peggy Cooke: Punishing coerced abortion is "anti-choice"

A private members' bill seeks to punish coercing women into doing something they won't want, but it's deemed "anti-choice":

I feel that in most cases, someone being coerced into having an abortion (or being coerced into carrying a pregnancy to term, something about which Bruinooge seems strangely unconcerned) is in an abusive situation. The coercion is not the problem here(...)

There are already laws against domestic violence on the books.

What if you're not in a violent relationship? There are plenty of women not in violent relationships who face coercion.

Once again, this is why we deem the "pro-abortion" not "pro-choice".

I'm a pro-life woman. The now dead Bill C-484 and Bill C-510 recognized and upheld my choice!

Do these feminists care?


I sense that the only choice they want to protect is the abortion choice.