Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Victimist Pro-Abortion Mentality

Pro-abort Sophia complains that doctors who refuse to perform tubal ligations are perpetuating a woman's duty to breed. As if these doctors are taking these women to be raped and impregnated. Oh those mean, mean doctors!

Simply put, in most places in this country women that are still young enough to produce viable eggs will not find it easy to obtain a permanent “de-fertility” option. Are you 27 and want your tubes tied? Sorry, you may want kids later, trust us.


Except this is all bullshit, because women are not required to produce children, yet they are expected to be the sole responsible party for the life and death of the human race.

Sure they are. That would explain all the incredible social stigma against deadbeat dads and those laws regarding evasion of child support payments-- which disproportionately affect men. Sure, women are the only women involved *roll eyes*.

Maybe the reason why doctors are reluctant to perform tubal ligations is because a significant number of women do regret their decision to get themselves sterilized and come back to get those operations reversed. But don't let the facts get in the way of a crappy argument.

Feminists are allowed to exercise their autonomy. But not doctors. Feminists decry "forced pregnancy" and "forced birth" but "forced tubal ligation" is A-OK.

Women of reproductive age are expected to not only have children, but to desire children. If they don’t want children, they are murderers (pro-choice) , uninformed or just plain sick in the head.

Waaah!!! Our choices must not be critiqued ever. EVERYONE must accept our choices and the reasons for those choices no matter what.

Like not wanting children because they're horrible little creatures, or that they cramp one's lifestyle, that desire should be embraced by the wider society.

According to many cultures today, women are perceived not to be capable of intellectually deciding they do not want children.

That may be true of some backwaters. They are completely capable of deciding whether or not they want children.

It's that these abortion-minded individuals expect the rest of society to LIKE and RESPECT these choices.

Sorry, but no. You can decide to not have children. Whether or not you want kids is your affair (as long as you don't kill any in the process).

I don't have don't have to like it, and no one else has to either. And it doesn't make one a misogynous if one disagrees.

The message is fairly clear in this one comment: women who want to abort, or not have children, are not fully aware of the choices and/or consequences of the choices they are making- let us inform them.

Which is true. Women testify to this. They say "had I just known the truth, I wouldn't have chosen abortion."

Oh but wait, that would be "paternalistic"-- telling them ALL the facts that could be relevant to their decision. Informing them of these truths would make them victims. Oh, the oppression!