Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Why I Never Became An Actress

When I was a youth and considering my future, one of my career options was acting. I was very involved in amateur theatre (much of it no-frills, church basement, bare bones kind of theatre).

God I loved it.

This is why I never became an actress.

HOLLYWOOD, California, April 6, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Sticking to his principles as a Christian and a family man, Hollywood actor Neal McDonough has been fired from a spot in a television series because he refuses to perform explicit sex scenes.

ABC sacked McDonough only three days into filming, according to an industry source cited on Hollywood columnist Nikki Finke's blog, Deadline.com, for declining to perform the scenes with co-star Virginia Madsen on the network's new series "Scoundrels." ABC officially said the decision was a simple casting change.

McDonough, a Catholic who is married with three young children, also refused to act out passionate scenes with actress Nicolette Sheridan when he played the role of her husband in season 5 of the popular ABC series "Desperate Housewives." He reportedly turned down similar scenes in NBC's "Boomtown" as well.

I know that people say that sex and kissing is "just" acting therefore, it's not harmful to chastity.

I don't buy that.

You kiss someone, you're kissing them, whether you "mean it" or not. You're still being intimate with someone, even if the intent is not adulterous. As if being in the sack with some other person doesn't bring temptation to actually enjoy it. I think it banalizes sexual expression when you treat that kind of acting as "just pretend".

I'm not perfect on this point. I know I watch plenty of movies where the characters engage in some fairly heated amorous exchanges knowing darn well they are not married to each other. Now, watching it isn't the same as engaging in it, but when I sit back and analyze what is going on, I'm morally uncomfortable with it. "Hey look, those two actors are getting it on and they're not married." It's just sort of voyeuristic. I know you're supposed to be suspending your belief to follow the story, but...it doesn't feel right.

And yes I'm often this analytical when I watch movies.

Maybe if we kept private things a little more private (and no, I don't consider killing a fetus a legitimately private thing) then this wouldn't be a problem.