Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I love how men are an afterthought to the abortion movement

I had a good laugh when I read this post at The Abortion Gang.

Lately there has been talk about engaging men in the abortion movement. For years, abortion advocates have told men that abortion is none of their business, and their only role is to support a woman's choice.

Now that the abortion movement is losing steam, feminists are looking for allies:

So maybe instead of discrediting men as a gender, we should focus on the real problem – changing the ideology of anti-choicers. Anti-Choicers have already embraced the role of men in this never-ending debate, so why should we short ourselves the potential allies? Maybe instead we should mine the creativity, research, and other intelligent offerings of pro-choice men. In a fight for something this important, can we really afford to say no to any help offered?

So maybe instead of discrediting men as a gender...

Yeah, you just woke up to that realization that it's a bad thing...only because abortion is on the ropes in the States?

And you don't think men will see right through that insincere opportunism?

...that you're using them only to maintain that white knuckle grip on legal abortion?

...and that they won't want to have their input about their feelings regarding abortion and their experiences with it, both positive and negative?


And then they're all shocked when feminism is described as a form of gender supremacy.

When support for abortion drops about another 10 per cent, they'll be revisiting their attitudes towards men and abortion. "Gee, maybe the fact women are the only ones who get pregnant doesn't mean they can't have an opinion."