Friday, June 11, 2010

Of all the dumb arguments against fetal rights

Shayna at Abortion Gang writes:

Did you know that a child, as defined by the Internal Revenue Code is one that is born alive? There is no exemption provided for a stillborn baby, or for a fetus as of December 31. Perhaps this is another tax change that the anti choice supporters would like to see enacted? To the best of my knowledge though, there is no bill in any state or in prepartion to be put before the federal government to create an exemption for an unborn fetus. How would such a tax break work anyway? Would you have to attach a pregnancy test to your tax return?


Hmm… doesn’t sound like it’s too feasible then to call a fetus the same thing as a child – and the fact that the anti-choicers out there haven’t pushed to incentivize women’s uteruses with an exemption the same as you receive for a child tells me that they know it.

Did you ever notice that when leftists lack arguments, they question sincerity. Because that's all they got left.

If we really wanted to make a fetus a dependent, all you'd need is a doctor's note saying you're pregnant. It's already done in Canada to get maternity leave in the last month of pregnancy.

Whoa, that's some obstacle to overcome.

Although we could make a fetus into a tax exemption, in practical terms, it might not be worth it. An unborn child only remains so for nine months. Perhaps in the US you could get a tax credit for the medical expenses incurred during pregnancy-- there's a nice idea. In Canada, we have state-sponsored healthcare and we get a baby bonus so that wouldn't be feasible.

The fetus is a human being. Our society has the moral obligation to recognize the humanity of the unborn child and his equal dignity. Issues about tax credits are secondary. Some people would just do away with income tax and returns altogether.