Saturday, June 26, 2010

The people who denounce "hate" tend to be hypocrites

I'm sure you've met them.

The jerks whose idea of a comeback in the face of right-wing social commentary is to denounce the writer/speaker as a "hater".

It's supposed to shut people up. As if being a "hater" invalidates everything you just said.

I've noticed that the type of people who do this tend to be very hateful themselves. They denounce hatred towards specific groups-- gays, minorities, and women. But they never denounce hate against Christians, straights and men. And they tend to engage in hate themselves.

It's okay when they do it. See, right-wingers are NON-persons to them.

Don't expect any feminists to denounce the misogyny. It would undermine their cause.

I've always wanted to write a parody of that. But it would involve too many f-words.