Tuesday, July 20, 2010

47% of Gay Couples Have “Sex Agreements” – Only 45% Monogomous: Study

Shocking, I know.

I can hear the comeback to that story.

"We're just as unfaithful as straights-- we're just more honest about it."

Like monogamy is a bad thing.

If marriage is about sex, then monogamy makes no sense. Polygamy is the natural choice.

But marriage is about building a relationship.

Building a relationship takes a lot of effort. It's harder to build 2 or 3 simultaneous relationships than to build one.

Let's face it: women are high maintenance. Women like to have the exclusive attention of their husbands. They need the presence of their husbands during their pregnancy. Someone has to bring home the bacon.

Once again, progressives think they're being forward-thinking when in fact they give women the shaft. I'm sure feminists are all about autonomy and choices, rather than what women really want and need.

Marriage protects women. Remember that.