Friday, July 30, 2010

Dilemmas, Dilemmas, at The Abortioneers

Should Abortion Staff Tell the Truth About Pill Abortions, wonders a blogger at the Abortioneers
(Which she titles "Happy Pills", interestingly enough).
She recounts how she was asked by a Hispanic woman about a pill to "bring on one's period."
On the other hand, though, I struggled with the desire to give her accurate information and be straight with her with the lingo of "abortion," not "inducing a period" and also respecting her need for coping with this unintended and unwanted pregnancy in a way that she knew how, and especially, not scaring her off an into the streets where she would acquire the tablets from someone who would fully go along with her "bring on the period" plan. Women aren't dumb, and they know full well that a period of this type comes along with a fetus, but where does that leave as as providers and as advocates for women?
So it's between telling the woman the truth about her biology and medical treatment, or "scaring her" into buying an abortion off the street.
Which would defeat the purpose of legal abortion in the first place, right? I mean, if a woman can't be lied to, she'll go out and kill herself with street drugs. Allowing her to assume the consequences of her own actions and ignorance would be tragic.  It's a slippery slope. 
But to get the whole picture about this post, you have to read this comment. The issue for the commenters isn't: Is this lady owed the truth? Does she need the truth? No. Check out how they frame this:
Says Not Guilty:
Personally, I think it is unwise to "go along" because the antis already accuse us of lying to women to "force" them to get an abortion. I feel like in the long run, this sort of semantics hurts us.
Whether it hurts the woman is another issue.... So much for informed consent. Why is this situation even an issue?
Moral Pilgrim writes:
So when you wonder whether it is appropriate to talk in real terms, I'd suggest that "telling it straight" would, in the long run serve abortion providers and clients.
Clients? Patients are clients?
And you have to laugh when Moral Pilgrim says that straight talk serves abortionists. The truth, that abortion kills a human being, hasn't done the abortion industry any good.