Thursday, July 15, 2010

Feminism: the right not to take responsibility...

of nurturing your unborn child:

But I think we can agree the core of feminism is about gender equality and equity; about allowing people of all genders equitable and real autonomy and agency, including the right to decide who or what we will allow to take up or keep residence inside our own bodies,

Yeah, because embryos just move in there on their own volition.

She treats the embryo as a resident, but forgets that that "resident" is one's CHILD, to whom one has a moral responsibility.

But the only thing that matters is autonomy. If ANYTHING gets in the way of that autonomy, no matter of how valuable-- like someone else's life-- it must take second place.

and who, besides ourselves, we will choose to be responsible for and beholden to.

As opposed to WHAT we will be beholden to, like absolute and universal values.

The value of full ownership of our bodies and lives isn’t really about making the playing field level with men. It’s about having rights for a whole set of situations, circumstances and issues completely unique to people with working ovaries and which burdens us the most.

Unique rights for unique situations. So feminist...

It’s about the quality and integrity of our own lives and our ownership of them, no matter what the hell is going on with men.


This is how stupid feminism is. Even when it defies its own parameters of common sense (don't bring children into a violent relationship) it adheres blindly to its own slogans.

(Read all the situations cited. Interesting list).

Look, if a fetus isn't a human being with rights, how are you helping this woman by supporting an obviously stupid choice?

It's not helpful (assuming the fetus is not a human being). It's ridiculous. You would be doing her a favour to persuade her to abort.

But their mantra of autonomy is so extreme, that it doesn't matter what the result is.

Just as long as autonomy is respected.

And if the woman puts herself and others in a whole lot more trouble because of it, well tough luck, don't ruin it for the rest of us.

Another woman’s life and choices are not mine to make or dictate,

Isn't it interesting that persuading a woman to abort is dictating.

Leading a woman to one choice or another is not dictating. Seriously. You are still an autonomous human being if you are persuaded to pick one choice over another.

Pregnancy can always potentially hurt the woman who is pregnant or a child that she delivers physically, emotionally, psychologically, economically and in a myriad of other ways, sometimes for lifetimes

Pregnancy SOMETIMES hurts.

Abortions ALWAYS hurt.

So, as with any situation like that, we do triage. We look first and foremost at who may be or has been hurt or harmed the most,

Harmed the most?

You mean a fetus losing his life is not harmed the most?

Hey, as long as a woman's autonomy isn't violated, that's all that matters...

To determine that, we must listen to and privilege the people who have expressed being hurt or harmed,

And ignore those who can't express the harm they've suffered...