Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jill Stanek's 10 Tips for Pro-Life Bloggers

Right here.

I would also add:

* When possible, add images. I know I often don't for lack of time. If you're good at creating your own images, even better!

* Try to be unique. There are predictable pro-life responses to every article. Try to draw out an idea or reaction that could come from no one else.

* If you have unique facts and data to bring to the fore, please do so! There are lots of things we don't know, facts that are sitting in university libraries and all kinds of databases that could be of use. Real Choice does a good job of gathering information on women who died from abortion. Can you find and scan original pictures from old textbooks? Can you cite OB\GYN textbooks for interesting information late-term abortions? Those are just two ideas.

We need MORE. More original information, insight, images, reporting, videos, EVERYTHING. The more, the better.