Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Secularist doesn't get it

From The Abortioneers:

The dilemma: I can hardly relate to clients who worry about god and if this god is going to forgive them for their abortion(s).


I just want to say to said bright, capable young woman, "You know. I hate to break it to ya, but there is no god.Or if there is a god, this god is sooooo not going to care about if you have an abortion or not. If there's a god, it might be a teensy bit more caught up with more important matters like, um, global warming, civil wars across the world, genocides. That sort of thing."

Yeah, mass killing of prenatal human beings is of NO CONCERN to God.

I keep re-reading literature from RCRC (Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice) and other documents, but it's not really helping me get back to understanding this spiritual concern she has.

Now why would God be concerned with the killing of a human being? What problem could he possibly have with that?

You wonder if they follow the same abortion debate that we do.