Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some Revolution

But researchers are finding an alternative that is safe, cheap and very difficult for governments to restrict — misoprostol, a medication originally intended to prevent stomach ulcers.
Researchers are finding that if women take misoprostol alone, effectiveness drops to 80 to 85 percent. That may sound low, but it's typically far better and safer than alternatives that women turn to, Dr. Winikoff noted.
"Medical abortion represents a revolution in women's reproductive health," said Dana Hovig, the chief executive of Marie Stopes International, an aid group that provides women's reproductive health services in 43 countries around the world. "It saves women's lives and has enormous potential to increase access to safe abortion at minimal cost."
Twenty per cent of its users will have a failed abortion....And that's considered safe?
In countries with substandard healthcare?
And this is being hailed?
Here's my take.
I think women will continue to prefer suction and curettage.
Why? Because even though you have to go through the bother of going to the clinic and having somehow stick a vacuum in your nether regions, when it's done, it's done. It takes five minutes.
The abortion pill will do the job. Most of the time. But take days and days to complete. And you have to bleed. And bleed. And bleed some more. And cramp up like you wanna die.
 And after all that effort, there's still a five per cent chance that you'll have to go to the clinic anyway.
I know that the medical abortion might ease the minds of some because it's like a miscarriage, so you can make yourself believe that you're undergoing a natural process.
A  significant (albeit small) percentage of women will take this abortion pill and end up seeing their dead fetus. The fetal remains will no longer be whisked away in a cannister, to be examined and flushed away. And they will understand that although the "pregnancy" coming out looks like a blob of tissue (it can look like a big red mass of placenta and whatever else comes out-- which justifies the 'products of conception' line) when you examine the tissue, you do find the fetus. You do find a baby with arms, legs and so forth.
It will be traumatizing.
Perhaps women will start asking why no one told them...that a fetus was going to be killed, that they might see their fetus (because of course the abortion industry won't warn them of that.)