Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lawrence Martin whines: where are the Red Tories

This column really bugged me.

First in its assumption that the Conservative Party is a party of the "hard right".

Is there an abortion ban yet? Has the deficit been paid down and the CBC been sold?


Then it's hardly a party of the hard right.

At best, the Conservative Party can be said to centre-right.

Second is the belief that Canada should be governed by two parties that are ideologically indistinguishable. And that the Conservatives should really be run by people who would be comfortable in the other party.

What would be the point?

Maybe the reason why the Conservatives are more right-wing is that Canadians are more right-wing than they used to be. They don't want the Liberals to rule-by-proxy when they are booted out of office.

It seems like Martin just assumes that the left is entitled to govern Canada, without having earned its place by convincing Canadians of their views.

I don't think some of the political and mediatic elites have woken up to the fact. They just want to continue with business as usual, as if nothing has changed. While it's true that Ottawa is still a largely liberal town with a statist mentality, most of the country has shifted right. Don't believe me? Well the proof is in the elections.

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