Tuesday, August 31, 2010

(Ontario) Public sector wage freeze could lead to strikes: CAW

How long before McGuinty caves?

As a second round of talks began at a downtown Toronto hotel, the premier – just back from a week-long canoe trip – reiterated the cupboard is bare as the government faces a $19.3 billion deficit while Ontario digs out of the recession.

Why does no one talk about the deficit? It's outrages. Ontario pays 9 billion dollars in interest on the debt alone. Imagine: all the money flushed down the toilet!

Ignoring a gag order imposed on the talks, he said they were full of “discrepancies,” such as the government’s position it can protect public services while capping wages of workers who perform them.

That's a discrepancy?

You protect public programs by keeping them affordable. Labour costs take up a huge chunk of government spending.

“One of the things I’m proud of over the course of the last five years is that we’ve had the lowest rate of strikes, work stoppages and labour strife since we’ve recorded data and I think that goes back 35 or 40 years,” said McGuinty.

Translation: we kissed union butt.

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