Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pregnancy resulting from rape doesn't automatically mean you'll hate the baby

Says Lizzy Brew:

Subsequently, in encountering those 'moderate' words: "I am opposed to abortion except in cases of rape," a stark contradiction lived side-by-side with the healing I had received through my son conceived in rape. The six hourly periods I was permitted to hold him in fact gave purpose to the pain of the violation that had brought him into existence.

I have encountered people who think that this is "pro-rape".

As if any woman could really be pro-rape.

You have to have a very jaded heart to think a woman could support rape.

Seeing the good that comes from an evil act is not condoning that act.

I know that this might be a difficult thing to understand, in this age of fuzzy logic on morality.

The good that comes from a bad act is called a silver lining, as in the phrase every cloud has a silver lining. Trying to see the good does not mean trying to downplay its evil.

It simply acknowledges a reality: that sometimes even really evil acts can produce some good, and that even though we should not want that evil act, we can be grateful for the results.

Carrying out an undesired pregnancy is certainly a horrible thing. It's horrible to have to suffer all the tribulations of carrying another human being: the lack of breath, the sore muscles, the nausea, the kicks, etc etc

But the silver lining is that the result of from that burden is a baby.

A baby is always a good thing.

The poor-choice community doesn't think so.

Sometimes a baby is reduced to another mouth to feed. Or another obstacle to career fulfillment. Or a drag on one's lifestyle.

It is true that a baby can be these things.

The difference with the poor choice community is that the baby is reduced to these things.

It's all up to what the woman thinks, right? Not the actual value of the human being.

And the value of the human being is relativized.

And that's why abortion is allowed in their minds: the fetus is only as good as what the woman thinks.

Most progressives would never allow anyone to relativize the value of other human beings.

But they when it comes to fetuses, well that's okay because it's done in the name of feminism.

And we all know that when it comes to feminism, women's interests come first, and everyone else's come second, even if they have to die because of it.