Monday, August 09, 2010

Why can't poor-choicers promote family values?

Nicole at The Abortion Gang. writes:

Wouldn’t it be incredible if an ad for abortion care was placed right next to programming on parenting skills? Be the parent you dream of being. Have all the time you need for all your children. Or home mortgages? Fulfill the American dream, have the family, the home, the life you always wanted. Or schooling? Go back to school so you can get the job to take care of your future family the way you want to. Why does this feel so implausible? Statistically speaking most women who have abortions are already mothers. They are making a difficult decision to SUPPORT their family in the best way they know how. How does this get lost so consistently? It is about time we reconnected family values and abortion. Because whether you are in North Dakota or New York City, most women choose to have an abortion because they care about their present and future families, and it is our job to remind the world of this reality.

Why oh why can't poor-choicers credibly promote abortion as pro-family? What could POSSIBLY explain that?

Perhaps this banner I made can offer some insight:

They seem to think that the fact that abortion kills a prenatal human being should be no reason for its stigma. It's like they're having some other kind of abortion debate.