Thursday, September 23, 2010

Abortionist Randall Whitney arrested again (Eyewitness Account!)

If only there had been video: UPDATE SEPT. 24: Now there is video!

Randall walked by in handcuffs and glared at me. Although too dark to take a good photo with my cell phone, I attempted to record the event. “Are you the people responsible for this? I am going to find out who you are!” he threatened as I held my camera phone.


We listened to more of Randall’s fight with the arresting officers. Soon there were three police cruisers on the scene. He objected that he was with a patient. He glared at us from across the street as we tried in vain to get more pictures in the dark with our cell phones.

We heard Randall arguing with the police officers telling them that they could not arrest him because he was with a patient. The officers said only that they were required to arrest him due to a warrant and explained (as cops are wont to do) that they were only doing their jobs.


Randall Whitney was arrested for failure to appear in court. He may now have to remain in jail with no bond until his trial. He will be tried for a second degree felony, “Aggravated Battery upon a Pregnant Person.” If convicted, he could have his license suspended by the Florida Board of Medicine for the following reason.