Friday, September 24, 2010

Being Pro-Choice vs. Being REALLY Pro-Choice

Just an interesting insight into the goings on at abortion clinics, from The Abortion Gang:

Some people work at abortion clinics because they need a job. Full stop. I went out socially with some of my co-workers one evening, and they were talking about how the work we do (intake) just does not work out for some people. There are the people who think they are pro-choice but they find out they are not, of course.

"Pro-choice" isn't just about supporting legal abortion.

I know most people THINK that.

But to the REAL pro-choice community, being pro-choice means you accept ALL abortions, without judgement, no exceptions.

So if you rightly judge that the lady who's having her 7th abortion is irresponsible, you're not truly "pro-choice".

In other words, when it comes to abortion, park your morality, facts and reason at the clinic door.

But I’m starting to understand the difference between myself and the people who can’t hack it. The kind of person my co-worker was referring to is the kind of person who, when I was a part of the Wiccan community, we used to call a “fluffy bunny.” Someone whose naivete does not allow them to see the whole picture;

Like people who actually discover what an abortion is and what abortion does....

It is easy enough to say you believe that all women should have a choice, and should be respected. It is harder to focus on that lofty ideal when a very unpleasant woman is yelling at you over the phone because you cannot schedule her for an abortion until next Wednesday, and yes she will have to drive twenty minutes to get here, isn’t that terrible, sorry we couldn’t bring the doctor right to your living room, we’ll have to work on that. Some people are just assholes, and it’s easier to fight for their rights when you don’t actually have to talk to them for a living.

Maybe fighting for the fetus has some advantages. :)