Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dalton McGuinty accuses Hudak of having a hidden agenda...while implementing one!

Christina Blizzard:

The legislature returned for a raucous first session Monday, with Premier Dalton McGuinty accusing PC leader Tim Hudak of having a hidden agenda.

Hidden agenda? I guess you’d have to have one to know one.

What with the secret, no-go area around the G20 fence, the sneaky way eco fees were implemented and the hikes to electricity costs, McGuinty’s doing quite well in that area.

Not to mention "I will not lower taxes, but I will not raise them either."

If anyone has a hidden agenda, it's Dalton.

You gotta love this quote:

“You can pander to the fear or you can look to inspire people, speak to their better angels, as has been said. Find a way to lift them up,” McGuinty told reporters.

The "hidden agenda" accusation isn't pandering to fear???

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