Thursday, September 16, 2010

Disturbing Government Meddling

Perhaps you remember some years back a woman by the name of Marie-Line Gentes filed a complaint to the CHRC against Free Dominion for having allowed a posting by Bill Whatcott that featured a very even-handed criticism of Islam.

In their on-going struggle against Human Rights Tribunal Censors and their allies, Mark and Connie, FD's operators, have obtained government documents that shed light on the background story of that complaint.

Mark Fournier relates that he believed that Marie-Line Gentes was originally more interested in complaining about Bill Whatcott rather than Free Dominion. But as she directed her initial inquiry to the CHRC, and her initial complaint was about a flyer in a mailbox, they could not help her, because that kind of action was under the jurisdiction of the provincial human rights commission. However, if the flyer was found on the interent, they told her, they could help her proceed with the complaint.

I read the documents in question, and I got the same impression.

Isn't that nice? Sounds like the CHRC was fishing for a case against FD.