Monday, September 27, 2010

Feminist says it's time to play offense

Why oh why are feminists always on the defensive about abortion?

It's like they can't figure it out.

While pro-choice groups spend a lot of time playing defense, perhaps it’s time to play offense? We do need to perhaps spend some time convincing the public to be more pro-choice, not just with the threat that access is going away but that “choice” with all those types of barriers should matter to all women.

Why do you suppose the public is not open to the pro-choice argument?

Answer: because abortion kills human beings.

In the age before widespread ultrasound,it was possible to counter that belief.

Not any more.

It’s been said that the reason activists don’t spend money on advertising is because, unlike the anti-choice side, we’re too busy actually helping women.

Or maybe because you have what you want, which is legal abortion. Let sleeping dogs lie, and all that.

While “abortion-rights brand building” may seem to be a waste of resources when there are so many fires to put out, perhaps it’s time for our side to put up bus ads and billboards.

Which will be countered by images of bloody fetus.

You can't escape the bloody fetus, feminists. Try as you might, abortion will always be seen as killing. Sure, most people don't believe in the equality of the fetus. But they sure as heck don't believe in an unfettered right to killing a human being, even one inside your uterus.