Sunday, October 03, 2010

Feminists chided for denying PASS exists

By another feminist who has had a bad experience with abortion:

When we say PASS doesn't exist, we're not only denying a really traumatic experience for countless women in the status quo, we're tossing them aside in a way that is so particularly cruel, only the most dogmatic of patriarchal forces could be proud. (...) But women who express regret about their abortion, particularly if that regret manifests into a pervasive depression or worse, we accuse of reacting to the shaming tactics of anti-choice movements, or experiencing a resurgence of a previous mental illness. There's a real hypocrisy in the how the Feminist movement treats its members who are having trouble coming to grips with their abortion, and their difficulty is viewed as a betrayal to the movement.

Feminism is not about women.

It has been about IDEAS about women. Ideology, as it were.

When women's experiences contradict feminist ideology, ideology trumps.

This is the thing that bugs me though:

Conservatives don't care that women are hurting from their abortions;

Yeah, all these conservative women who've had abortion and now regret it, we're all just faking it for the cause.

It seems to me that it's a little rich for her to ask feminists to accept the validity of PASS, based on women's experiences, but to not accept the validity of other women's experiences.

If you don't want your experiences to be seen purely through an ideological lense, you might want to do the same to other women. Acting like only feminist women can care about other women is sectarian and blind.