Thursday, September 30, 2010

Liberals Chastise Conservatives for Fiscal Mismanagement

I think the Liberals have some nerve putting out a communiqué like this.

The Liberals are trying to position themselves as fiscally responsible by shedding light on the Conservatives' spending record.

And they have a case.

However, what is left unsaid is how the Liberals would solve the problem.

I would like to see the Conservatives use this deficit as an opportunity to cut government departments.

But the Liberals use the ploy of acting fiscally conservative because their (hidden?) agenda is to expand government.

From a statist point of view, it makes sense to balance the budget. You don't want to be so bogged down in debt that you have to cut your beloved social programs.

But if you don't cut social programs, what else is left.

Raise taxes. And you can be certain that that's what will happen if the Liberals get elected. (Not that I'm THAT worried about it, at this point).

Look at Dalton McGuinty in Ontario. After he promised not to raise taxes, he hasn't stopped taxing us.

Even if the Liberals cut programs to balance the budget at this point in time, they will balance the budget with the view of creating more. Eventually they will have to raise taxes to finance their scheme.

And eventually get back into debt. At which point they will balance the budget. By cutting programs and (probably) raising taxes...

Statism is a vicious financial circle.