Monday, September 20, 2010

One rape survivor's #prolife story

Liz says:

Before all of this happened, I was always “pro-life.” I was raised in a Catholic family and attended Catholic schools my whole life. However, when I finally took the pregnancy test that was very clearly positive, all my values and morals went out the window and I absolutely wanted the easy fix. I was for sure getting an abortion for maybe a week before I realized what the hell I was doing. I was vulnerable and miserable and scared and I felt that was my only option. Seeing everything now, I hate myself for ever even considering it.


Most of the pro-choice people who find out I’m a birthmom “from rape” always try
to dismiss me by saying I have it better than others. They try to tell me that my family was supportive and not all people have that, or they would say, “Just because you're strong doesn't mean everyone is.” To be honest, it's degrading to me as a woman when people make excuses of women’s lack of strength. I know a lot of women and every single one of them is strong. Every woman is strong enough to love her baby enough not to kill it. That last sentence may sound sort of harsh, but I am not a judging person -- I know the vulnerability of a crisis
situation, but the truth is the truth, and every woman has the strength to love her

This story debunks this excercise in feminist self-righteousness that I recently fisked:

Anti-choice women have a complete inability to empathize with women seeking abortions. They live in their ignorant world, believing that all women who become pregnant 'deserve' it. That is, of course, until it happens to them.