Friday, September 17, 2010

Scientists invent first artificial human ovary

Scientists still have to figure out if it can mature human eggs. Can the artificial uterus be far behind?

Some day, the artificial uterus will be invented. And there will be an obvious way to save human life (even though I'm not sure that putting a fetus in an artificial uterus is acceptable to Catholic theology-- it's certainly a lesser evil than abortion, though)

And feminists will still argue in favour of abortion, in spite of the existence of the means to simultaneously save fetuses and terminate pregnancy.

Because ultimately, the argument about abortion is recognizing the equality and dignity of the fetus vs. being able to escape moral responsibility for the fetus.

If it were really about avoiding parenthood, adoption could be the answer. If it were only about terminating pregnancy, then the artificial uterus would be the answer.

But it's not about that and has never been about that.

It's about being able to escape a relationship with the fetus, even as tenuous as that of a woman who anonymously places her child for adoption.